The key to hiding a key on the outside of the vehicle.

The key to hiding a key on the outside of the vehicle. I'm absent minded too, but do not carry a purse. Hiding a key on newer cars is infinitely more difficult than before, but I have found a convenient procedure. It involves locating a conveniently accessible, removable rubber plug near the outside bottom of the vehicle body. FIRST, tie a short piece of string to the key. The other end of the string is glued to the inside of the rubber plug. The "Shoe-Goo" adhesive brand works great). SECOND, locate a good hiding place, easily accessible from the outside of the car, without getting "down and dirty." The initial locating procedure may be easier if the vehicle is on a lift. Typical locations near the underside of the body: there are rubber plugs used for sealing holes; i.e., 1) the underside of the bumper, 2) inside a fender well, or 3) along the bottom of a side-frame rail. Remove the plug (it should pull-out easily), and glue the string (tied to the spare key) on the INSIDE center of the plug's surface. Alternatively, you may be able eliminate the glue by wrapping a few turns of string around the portion of the plug that inserts into the hole. THIRD, remember to replace the key/ plug soon after use so that it may be useful in the future. Regards, Ethan
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