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Staff Blog | Jun 15, 2012

What’s worse than trying to find a parking spot in London? How about having your car break down in Parliament Square. And what’s worse than having your car break down in Parliament Square?

Why, having your car blown to smithereens by anti-terrorist constables, of course! Nima Hosseini Razi learned this the hard way on Wednesday morning.

After breaking down, Nima called a repair shop, left a note on the window for traffic police begging for a little mercy, and while waiting for help to arrive, decided to take a stroll to see Buckingham Palace.

“Dear Sir or Madam, this car is broken. I am just waiting for the AA to arrive. Please do not fine! Thank you, yours sincerely.”

Nima grabbed this photo, walked back, and found “the boot blown off” (that’s ‘trunk’ in American), broken windows, and a full scale search in progress.

Surprise! Check out this video:

To be fair, Nima did not specifically request that they not blow up his car. It probably wouldn’t have mattered though -- to add insult to injury, the traffic wardens slapped him with a ticket for being illegally parked, anyway -- as they were towing the car away.

Note to Parking Enforcement Officers in Our Fair City: please don't get any ideas. 'k? 

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