Just Calm Down: A Fan's Plea to Tom and Ray

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Staff Blog | Dec 12, 2012

The thing about Car Talk is you either love it or you hate it. (Thankfully, professional help is available for  the folks in the first category. This includes sheep who suffer with the disorder.)

But occasionally we get a note from a listener who thinks he or she could be brought to love Car Talk if only things were a bit different. Take, for example, this note:

Subject: Just Calm Down

Love the show! Really informative, and funny. The humor is also the issue, though. Sitting through five minutes of your laughing is not why I tune into you guys.

You're providing entertainment for us, not for yourselves, so when you are laughing too hard to get through a single sentence in a 3 minute span, it just gets annoying guys.

Jimmy Falon shouldn't get away with laughing at his own material, and neither should talk radio people. Really though, try to chill. I have actually had to turn my radio off more than once, because the show had been stopped dead because you apparently just couldn't contain yourself long enough to do your own material.

Again, I usually do LOVE the show, but try to keep in mind more that we want to listen to what you have to say so we can laugh (that's entertainment), not so we can sit there in what is a rather annoying 'white noise' of your own wheezing for minutes.

Thank guys, and all the best.


Justin, we tried to get Tom and Ray to promise to change their ways. Here's what they had to say on this topic.

Besides, if Tom and Ray don't laugh at their jokes, who will?

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