Jeep Grand Cherokee Advice

Decent show, although as mentioned below the rental grand prix was a little out of the 'recent' realm. in regards to the jeep grand cherokee brake situation, I was listening to the show while driving my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and felt the same brake issue, which I haven't repaired. this is due to the poor design of the Teves calipers on the 1999-2002 WJ grand cherokees that dont center well and warp the rotors.. the only way to really eliminate the issue is to replace the Teves calipers with Akebono calipers. There is a TSB on this, and jeep started producing the WJ with Akebono calipers in 2002. read more about it here
Favorite Moment: 
The description of Tommy's daughter seeing the fire behind the dash through the radio hole in his Chevy....