It's Official: CDs Are the New Drink Coaster

Staff Blog

Staff Blog | Jul 09, 2012

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark will become the first Chevy vehicle built entirely without a CD player since the '90s.  They're making way for iPods, "infotainment systems" and other newfangled technologies.   

It's been a good run, Compact Disc!  And hey, we've got great memories we'll cherish forever. Driving through heavy traffic listening to the same three seconds of a song skipping over and over and over.... That breakup mix from the ex-boyfriend....

Here at Car Talk Plaza, we were wondering... what to do with all those old CDs now that they've long since been ripped into our iPods? 

Well, how about...




You can also recycle them, right here. What do you plan to do with your new collection of 150 drink coasters? Let us know!

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