Implosion-Wrapped Land Rover

Ok, I've listened to almost as many of your shows as you have. . . maybe more. For the most part, after you take three or four tries at a question you usually get down to a pretty good answer. But the shrink-wrapped Land Rover in Alaska? Come on!!! Let's assume the listener did drive his car into a baggie, like you suggested. And let's say he threw 15 or so British sweaters in there for good measure. He hooks up has Hoover to the thing and lets it run for 5 days. Discounting the possibility of the Hoover melting, he's going to evacuate the air from the bag AND the passenger compartment. While the seaters may happily compress, the car will not be happy to do so. KABLOOIE!!! Negative pressure in the rigid passenger compartment . . . about 14.7 psi outside of it. Soon the car will fit in the top dresser draw right next to the 15 sweaters. Am I wrong? Great show otherwise. Enjoy your well-earned retirement . . . we won't. Bug Love [Jim Verderese]
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