What do you think of the BMW 318ti?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jul 01, 1996

Dear Tom and Ray:

I'm thinking about buying a . I'm in my early 20s,
married, with two dogs. It seems to be just the type of car
for people like me. But since it's only been out for a year
or so, I'm wondering if I should wait or what? What do you
think? -- J.R.BMW 318ti

RAY: Wait? If you wait too long, it won't be the perfect
car for you anymore. Pretty soon, you'll have kids, and
you'll need a Volvo wagon. And then the kids will grow up
and move out, and by then you'll be old enough for a

TOM: I'd say go for it, J.R. This is a really fun little
car. It's cute, it's fun to drive, and it's a hatchback, so
you can fold down the rear seats and have room for a little
doggie condominium in the back.

RAY: And I wouldn't worry about this being its first year.
It's essentially built with existing BMW parts. Just about
every component has already been in use in other 3 series

TOM: The only negative thing we had to say about it in our
on-line Test Drive Notes (which you can find on our web
site at http: //cartalk.com) is that it could use a sixth
gear, because the engine revs pretty high in fifth gear at
highway speed. But for you, that engine noise will help
drown out the sound of the howling dogs. What could be
better than that?

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