I'm a shorty and my seatbelt chokes me, help!

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Apr 01, 1992

Dear Tom and Ray:

I hate wearing seat belts. And so does a friend of mine who is also very short. We hate them because they cross our necks and make us feel like we're being choked. In my last car, I was able to put the shoulder harness under my arm and it was fairly comfortable--although I realize that defeats its purpose. In my present car, I can't do that. I try to wear it...really I do...but I usually end up ripping it off in frustration. Got any ideas for me?

TOM: Well, you have to wear your seat belt, Kate, and you can't just slip it under your arm. The reason is we can't afford to let anything happen to you.

RAY: Yeah. Our editor said if we lose one more reader, we're going to get dumped. We hear he's been talking to someone who does a weekly column on cat box maintenance.

TOM: The problem is that the seat belt attaches to the door pillar at a point that's too high for you. On a number of newer cars, that point is now adjustable, which is great for folks like you who are altitudinally challenged.

RAY: But if you don't want to get a new car just yet, the alternative is to make YOURSELF taller in the seat. A firm pillow may do the trick.

TOM: Or, if a pillow isn't thick enough, take a trip to New York and stay in a fancy hotel. On your way out, snitch a copy of the Manhattan yellow pages. That ought to do it. Good luck, Kate.

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