Where can I new tires for my hard-to-find sized wheels?

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Dear Car Talk | Dec 01, 1999

Dear Tom and Ray:

I'm having difficulty finding good, name-brand P215/75 R14 tires for my 1984 Crown Victoria. Other than buying four 15-inch wheels, what are my options? -- Henry

TOM: It IS a bit of an odd size, Henry (it's the 75 that's odd), but you can find them. In that size, we were able to find a Goodyear tire called the Regatta II and a
Michelin tire called the XH4. Dunlop also makes a 75 R14 tire called the SP40 that's a little cheaper than the Goodyear and the Michelin.

RAY: If you can't find any of these locally, you can always go "mail order." Pick up a copy of Automobile Magazine (or "Car and Drivel" or "Road and Dreck") and
look for an ad for one of those mail-order tire warehouses like Tire Rack or NTW.

TOM: You'll find their prices to be very reasonable compared with the local tire dealers. But don't forget, since there's no such thing as mail-order mounting and
balancing yet, you'll still have to pay someone to put the tires on for you. So factor that into the cost, too. Good luck, Henry.

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