I Want My Car Talk!

Welcome to the new Car Talk web site! Contents have shifted during flight, but we promise that your favorite features are all still here.

Here’s where they’ve moved:

Where are the Car Talk columns?
Columns are now posted under Tom and Ray’s blog.

You can find Tom and Ray’s column right on the lower part of the homepage, under “Contributors.”

Where’s this week’s puzzler?
You can find older puzzlers quickly by hovering your mouse over “Our Show” in the navigation menu, and choosing “Puzzlers” under “Heard Recently.”

Our most current puzzler is also available in the show description, which you can access by choosing “More Show Stuff” under the description of This Week’s Show at the top of our home page.

Where are my keys?
Did you check the between the couch cushions? How about your pants pockets?

How can I listen to the current show?
The fastest way to hear our most current show is to click “Listen” at the top left just under the Car Talk logo, from any page on the site.

I want to listen to one segment at a time!
For more listening options, click on “More Show Stuff” under the description of the current show at the top of our home page.

You can find even more listening options, including information on podcasts,  if you click on “Our Show” and look under “Listening.”

I want to download this week’s show to listen later.
You can still get our podcast and listen whenever you want, by going to “Our Show” and choosing “Podcasts”. Or, head straight to NPR’s Podcast Directory if you’d like to listen without using iTunes.

My problems are too special and complicated to be solved by your FAQ.
Tell us all about it! Your feedback will help us improve the site.

Where are Tom and Ray?
We have no idea. But, when you find them, would you let us know? Thanks!