Any car recommendations for tall people?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Feb 01, 1998

Dear Tom and Ray:

I want to buy a new or recent-model car but I am very tall and can't find one
that allows me to see out of the windshield without looking through the tinted
glass at the top. Some models have enough headroom for me, but then I end up
looking at the world through that blue tint. Do you have any suggestions for a
sedan, minivan or utility vehicle that might fit me? -- Charles

TOM: This is a tough question to answer, Charles, because everyone's body is
different. Some people come with very long legs. Some people come with long

RAY: And some people, like my brother, come with their heads firmly implanted...


RAY: Well, as a general rule, Charles, trucks tend to have more headroom than
cars. So you might look at a sport utility vehicle based on a truck, like the
Ford Explorer.

TOM: And in our experience, Japanese cars tend to be hard on taller people, too.
So if you're looking for a sedan, you'll probably be better off with a big
American or European model.

RAY: Finally, you should look for something with a height-adjustable driver's
seat. The more adjustments you can make, the greater the likelihood you'll find
a comfortable driving position.

TOM: But if you've already found a car you like that fits you, and the only
problem is that blue "sun screen," we have an even better solution for you. Just
replace the windshield.

RAY: Right. Most windshields can be ordered with or without that screen. And if
the dealer won't order one for you on the new car (which he probably would do in
order to make the sale), you can always go to an auto glass place and order one

TOM: Check first to make sure one's available on the car you want, but that
should solve your problem, Charles.

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