Ideas for a car that can be used to commute during the week and haul the family on the weekend?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jul 01, 1996

Dear Tom and Ray:

I read your column every week. You not only supply great
automotive advice, but you add that extra quart of humor
that we all need.

I'm in need of a combination vehicle. I need a four-door,
six-passenger car with good reliability and safety features
that I can use to commute 70 miles daily to work -- plus
haul the family around on weekends. I'm looking for a car
that will still be around when the payments are finished
and have reasonable resale value. I've had more than my
share of problems with my 1990 Ford Taurus, so I don't want
another one of those. I'd prefer American-made, but would
buy a foreign model. What comes to mind for me? -- Mark

RAY: A Toyota Avalon. It meets all of your criteria, Mark.

TOM: The Avalon is a stretched version of the well-known
Camry, which is one of the most reliable cars on the road

RAY: It's comfortable, so you can enjoy those 70 miles of
peace and quiet away from the kids on your commute every
day. And with an optional bench seat in front, it seats six
for those trips to family therapy on the weekends.

TOM: And judging from other Toyotas, the resale value
should be quite good.

RAY: And while Toyota in Japan would make some profit on
your purchase, the Avalon is actually built right here in
Georgetown, Ky., USA.

TOM: If you don't like the Avalon for some reason, my
second choice would be a Ford Crown Victoria. But I think
you're going to like the Avalon, Mark.

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