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Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | May 01, 1995

Dear Tom and Ray:

I read your column every week--why? I don't know. And I have to admit to a little envy. I'd love to get paid (you do get paid, don't you?) for writing smart aleck answers to really dumb questions. But I don?ot know anything about automobiles. Wait a minute! You two are doing it! Anyway, speaking of dumb questions, here?os mine: Would it make any sense, or save any cents, to own two pick up trucks? One 2WD and one 4WD, and drive each of them for a six month period each year? I currently own a 4WD Jeep pick up which is great for winter driving. Driving it only during the winter would double its life expectancy, wouldn?ot it? And a 2WD pick up driven only in good weather should last even longer, right? Does this make any sense at all?

RAY: Sure it does, Jim. Owning two things is ALWAYS cheaper than owning one.

TOM: That?os why most poor people own two homes. It?os always cheaper to maintain two homes, one you use during the winter and one during the summer, because while a house is sitting idle, you?ore not putting all that wear and tear on it. Don?ot you think?

RAY: The same is true for big screen TVs. One 52 inch TV is expensive, but if you buy two, and watch each one only half the time, you?oll really be piling up the savings.

TOM: Then there?os wives. My accountant told me it?os much cheaper to have two wives. So I got divorced, and all I pay for the first one is alimony! What a deal!

RAY: So by all means, if you want to save money, buy an extra pick up truck...and get another house or two while you?ore at it.

TOM: P.S., Jim. Do you believe we just got paid for giving you this smart aleck answer?

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