An easy leak fix for your trunk: weather stripping.

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jun 01, 1993

Dear Tom and Ray:

I own a 1989 Geo Spectrum. For the first two years, the car had no problems. Now, however, I've discovered that my trunk leaks whenever it rains or I wash my car. Everything in my trunk gets wet and the trunk is beaded with water. This also happens when it's cold outside. My windows also seem to stay frosted on the inside of the car in the winter. I have to use an ice-scraper inside, as well as outside, on my windows. What can I do?

RAY: Have you considered relocating to the desert southwest?

TOM: Actually, Fran, this should be easy to fix. It sounds like the weather-stripping that seals your trunk needs to be replaced. If it's leaking as much as you say it is, it ought to be easy for your dealer to confirm this by wetting the car with a hose.

RAY: And that weather-stripping is also responsible for the frost on the inside of your windows. Some of the moisture that gets into the trunk is seeping through the back seat into the passenger compartment. Overnight, that moisture condenses on the glass and voila! You've got indoor icicles.

TOM: Get the weather-stripping replaced. Then, to dry out the trunk, leave it open in the hot sun for a few days. If the trunk seal is fixed, once the car dries out, it ought to stay dry. Good luck, Fran.

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