How do I replace the fuel filter on my Ford F150?

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Dear Car Talk | Jan 01, 1996

Dear Tom and Ray:

I own a '92 Ford F-150 with the ever famous 4.9 liter 6 cylinder engine. It also has the five speed manual transmission. I love this truck and would not give it up for anything--especially since it's paid for. The problem is I cannot get the fuel filter off. This should be a routine maintenance item. I have followed all of the instructions to the letter, but the thing will not budge. By contrast, the fuel filter on my wife's '92 Taurus wagon is simple to replace. The filters for the Taurus and the F-150 are the same, however the connections are different. Any ideas?

TOM: I assume you've tried the scientific approach of whacking the heck out of it, Carmine. So we'll skip right to the correct answer.

RAY: There are two basic styles of fuel filter couplers that Ford uses, Carmine. One style has small, plastic "U" clips that hold the fuel line in place. You remove the clips, and then the fuel line and filter separate easily.

TOM: The other style fuel line connector--the kind you have-- has a circular spring that clamps the fuel line to the filter. And to get it off, you need a special "fuel line tool" that stretches the spring inside that coupling. And that tool is available at most auto parts stores.

RAY: Carmine? Where're you going, Carmine?

TOM: I think he left for the auto parts store without even finishing the column!

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