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Dear Car Talk | Jul 01, 1994

Dear Tom and Ray:

I need some counseling. My wife and I are constantly bickering over our 1991 Honda Accord EX. Let me explain. We have a three year lease on the car which is up this fall. My wife loves the car and wants to purchase it at the lease's termination. The car has only 28,000 miles on it, and would cost $7,600 to purchase. I want something new. I love having new cars. I want to either lease a new Honda Accord or the Honda four wheel drive Passport. My leasing agent says he can give us a real sweet deal on a new car. My wife likes the idea of keeping the Honda and not having anymore car payments. I don't mind the payments if we're getting a new car every three years. What's your advice? Out with the old, in with the new?

TOM: Cars or wives, Sid?

RAY: I'm afraid this is a serious marital issue. It's not an automotive dilemma. It's really a lifestyle question: "How do you want to spend your money?"

TOM: What makes the two of you happier; having a newer car, or going on another vacation? Having a newer car, or going out to eat more often? Having a newer car, or liposuction for Sid's butt? See what I mean?

RAY: There's no question that buying the old Accord makes the most economic sense. At $7,600, and with 28,000 miles, it's a very good deal. But that's clearly not the only issue here. You said it, Sid; you LOVE having new cars. And your happiness is important, too.

TOM: So you two have some deep thinking to do. You need to go out and drive around in your Accord and talk for a few hours.

RAY: The only automotive advice we'd give you is to avoid the Honda Passport. That's a made-over Isuzu Rodeo with no airbags and not much else going for it. After about a month in that, you're going to be on the phone to your leasing agent begging for your old Accord back. Good luck, you two.

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