We hear from a fan of Saturn's "one sticker car price" pricing strategy.

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Nov 01, 1998

Dear Tom and Ray:

I just want to thank you for your discussion of car dealers and your backing of
the "one sticker price" idea. I was in a car accident and my car was totaled, so
I had to buy a new car. Being shaken up the way I was, I was nervous about
haggling with a car dealer. So I bought a Saturn. That was the easiest
experience I've ever had in buying a car. Even today when I go into the Saturn
dealership for maintenance, I'm treated well. I've found the dealership
courteous, and they listen to you when you tell them what the problem is. I,
like you, hope more dealers go to the salaried salespeople and a one-price
sticker. Thanks. -- Kathy.

TOM: While not everyone has had a great experience at Saturn, many people have.
And while the car they sell is really just average these days, they've got a lot
of loyal owners due to the way they treat people. And I'd be willing to bet that
the no-haggle sticker has a lot to do with it.

RAY: By the way, we do an ongoing survey at our Web site (the Car Talk section
of www.cars.com), and one of the questions we ask is: "Based solely on your
dealership experience, would you buy the same car again?" The five makes getting
the greatest number of "yes" answers to that question were Saturn, Infiniti,
Lexus, Acura and GMC.

TOM: And of the makes currently sold in the U.S., those least likely to get
return business based on people's experiences at their dealerships, are
Volkswagen, Suzuki, Ferrari, Porsche and Jaguar. If you're interested, you can
peruse more results yourself in the "Need a Car" section of our site.

* * *

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