How can I "heat-proof" my car for an Arizona summer?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Oct 01, 1992

Dear Tom and Ray:

I just moved to Arizona, and am worried about my first summer here. I need to know about window tinting. I have four small children who are already wailing about hot seat belt buckles every time we get into the car. What should I do (short of staying home)?

TOM: To tell you the truth, Julie, our staff hair stylist Mr. Gigi knows a whole lot more about tinting than we do.

RAY: But even given this limited knowledge, I don't think we'd recommend it. Because even though it gets hot there in the desert, and the tinting helps during the day, our research shows that it gets just as dark in Arizona as it does any where else. And in the dark, tinted windown seriously limit your vision.

TOM: Better than tinted windows are these "stick-on" window shades we've seen. You can get pull-down shades that attach to your window via suction cups. You can pull them down during the day, and roll them up at night, so they won't impair your vision.

RAY: By the way, some states have prohibited tinted windows entirely, not only because it's hard for drivers to see out of the car, but also because it's hard for police officers to see IN. And that makes it possible for people to conceal weapons, or open bottles of Felippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

TOM: So I'd forget about tinted windows, Julie. Besides, you probably didn't know that when you get tinting, federal law requires that you also install one of those Playboy air fresheners on your rear view mirror. And that doesn't sound like your style.

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