Moisture getting into headlights.

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | May 01, 1996

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have recently purchased a 1989 Honda CRX which
I love so far. The only problem that I have
encountered is that the headlights seem to have
collected moisture which beads up on the inside
of the lenses. I was wondering if there is any
easy way to remedy this problem. -- Chris

RAY: We'll give you the bad news first, Chris.
This problem is going to cost you $250 to fix --
and that's just for the parts. What's the good
news? At least that covers both headlights!

TOM: You've got tiny cracks in the plastic
lenses that cover the headlight bulbs, and those
little cracks are letting moisture in.

RAY: The reason those assemblies are so
expensive is because they're not just plastic
coverings, they're also lenses that focus the
light. Plus they're made of high-impact plastic.

TOM: But apparently not high-impact enough.

RAY: I'd bite the bullet and replace them,
Chris. Eventually, the moisture will start
causing your headlight bulbs to blow, then
you'll be out the cost of the bulbs AND the lens

TOM: If it were my car, I'd just live with it as
long as I could.

RAY: If it were his car, he'd just cover the
front end with Saran Wrap and tape two
flashlights to the fenders! Get it fixed, Chris.
Don't concede this car to "heapdom" yet. You
still love it, and what's $250 for a car you

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