Are my car's squeaky brakes due to the weather, or should I have them checked out?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Mar 01, 1997

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a new Audi A4 with 8,000 miles so far. Lately, I've noticed that the brakes emit a high-pitched noise when I step on them with any significant pressure. My husband says it's because of the cold, damp temperatures where we live in Buffalo, N.Y. On my last car, he told me not to worry either, until my car flunked inspection because it had no brake pads left! Should I have it checked out, or listen to my husband and ignore it? -- Heidi

TOM: Well, Heidi, like my wife, you've already established that your husband is a moron. So I'd say listening to him is out of the question. But you already knew that. That's why you're writing to us!

RAY: With only 8,000 miles on the car, it's unlikely that anything is seriously wrong with the brakes. But since you have a warranty, there's no reason why you shouldn't have it checked out.

TOM: Right. If nothing else, the noise is annoying, and they may be able to eliminate it, or at least reduce it for you by deglazing the pads and disc rotors and applying whatever anti-squeal compound they happen to be favoring these days.

RAY: Personally, I'm fond of Disc Brake Quiet.

TOM: Yes, I found their 1994 Merlot to be quite out of this world!

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