What can I do with a car that isn't fit to sell?

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Dear Car Talk | Oct 01, 1995

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a '76 Buick with a dead battery that didn't run very well even when the battery wasn't dead. I have to admit, it's not worth much of anything, so I don't feel right selling it to anybody. Other than paying a local junkyard to come and tow it away, is there anything else I can do with it?

RAY: Gee, Margie, my brother has the same problem with his 1963 Dodge Dart. He just doesn't realize it yet!

TOM: Actually, there IS something you can do. The National Kidney Foundation actually raises money by collecting old heaps.

RAY: Anything they can't sell to my brother, they sell to the public at regional auctions with all proceeds benefitting the Foundation.

TOM: And since you've given an asset to the National Kidney Foundation (and you have the paperwork to prove it), you can deduct the current "blue book" value of your used car on your taxes. How's that for a deal?

RAY: Their number is 1-800-488-CARS. When you call, they'll need all the information on your car's title, plus the current odometer reading.

TOM: They'll send you some papers which you sign and send back. Then they show up with the tow truck and it's "goodbye heap...hello charitable deduction!"

RAY: Mind if I borrow the title to your Dart for a minute? I have a phone call to make.

TOM: No!! Gimme that phone!

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