I Hate Car Talk

I Hate Car Talk

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Statistically Speaking...

I believe that close to one-third of Car Talk is laughter. Most of the time there is no need for this. Plus I heard that more than fifty percent of the time you guys are DEAD WRONG with your diagnosis. And they play the show twice on the weekends! I used to listen, but you got so annoying, that I now go to AM radio.


My Two Cents (Using Five Dollar Words)

I have come to the conclusion that you are a pair of clowns masquerading as "professional" automobile technicians, and that the vitriolic tripe that you dispense is relatively harmless drivel passing as "expert" advice/ entertainment. I take umbrage (look it up) at a recent newspaper column, in which you cast aspersions (still with me?) at automobile salesmen, equating them to Third World despots and manipulative hypnotists.

I have chosen automobile sales as my career and am very proud of how I conduct myself.

In the future limit your diatribes to things you have direct knowledge of and experience in.


Three Strikes, You're Out

First I send you two T-shirts as gifts -- and I do not hear a word of thanks.

Then, I get a sarcastic "automated response" from your dopey producer.

So, here's my message for you -- BITE ME.

I think I'll write my congressman, the one who doesn't like funding anything PUBLIC -- especially radio!


Stop Enjoying Yourselves!

Today on the show a lady called from South Carolina. It should have been a 15-second call. Instead, both of you had to laugh at each other for 10 minutes at the dumb stuff each was saying, and the lady had to put up with it. You could answer a lot more questions if you didn't think this was a comedy show.


Dead Babies? Now That's Funny!

What in tarnation is so funny? I believe you would laugh at a barrel of dead babies.


It's All in the Details

You blew it BIG-TIME on the car in the "Nash Bridges" show. It IS NOT a Charger. It IS a 'CUDA, which is short for Barracuda, the high performance muscle car of all time. The part that troubles me is that in this information superhighway age you should have done your homework by going to www.nashbridges.com site to research this car.


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