I Hate Car Talk

I Hate Car Talk

[Our editor has replaced unprintable words with the much more
pleasant words with similar meanings in brackets]

First of all, [procreation-oriented activity] YOU! I have sent you a grand total of three e-mails asking for advice on cars. You have not replied to any of them.

You have managed to rid yourselves of any dignity or credibility that you ever possessed and to close, [procreation-oriented activity] YOU again.

-- Moses

As a 35-year Master Automotive Professional and Professor, I was shocked to see you refer to "the corner shop" technician as "Butchie" who uses "the tire iron to whack it."

Sir, do you realize the possible damage to the reputation of all the corner shops?

-- Dick

I am glad that you are on the radio. That way I can turn the radio to another station or off while your program is on.

You two clowns should join the circus. The way you two jerks act I wouldn't trust you to tell me the right place to put gas in the car.

You two are a disgrace to the profession.

-- Skip

You two are a JOKE!! I've been an ASE master tech for 10 years now. The information and advice you guys give to people are absolutely STUPID!!

I challenge you to tell ALL your listeners that you two really don't know what you're talking about half the time. Go ahead... I DARE YA!! I'll call in myself and tell them!!! Go ahead... sue me!!! You two are IDIOTS!! And you probably don't have the guts to read this ON THE AIR.

-- Chris

As a woman who is trying to learn about taking care of my vehicle I try to read your Click and Clack articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. I have a very hard time getting past the horrible picture of you and the drill at the head. It really sends shivers down my spine.

My husband is a contractor and he also mentioned that it does not send a good message to anyone about respect and safety of power tools.

-- Laurie

You two are unfunny. I won't be specific, since I don't like you.

It's too bad you fill the airwaves with your noise, since public radio listeners could be getting good car advice from people who know what they're talking about.

Besides unfunny, I would describe your program as nonserious about everything. Most people grow out of that, by say, AGE THREE!

-- Jason