I Hate Car Talk

I Hate Car Talk

[Our editor has replaced unprintable words with the much more
pleasant words with similar meanings in brackets]

I'd Rather Run Through Atlanta Naked!

Your show is a waste of my precious time. I'd rather run through Atlanta naked or even eat an anaconda whole. I might even run through an open field in the middle of a thunderstorm while holding a huge flagpole. Or I'd take a polar bear and let it lose in D.C. or throw a can of beans off the Empire State Building.

Basically, I'd rather do anything then listen to this useless show.


What Are You Guys Drinking?

I was listening to your show on the way home from a brief trip and found myself wondering what kind of bourbon you all drink before or even during the show. You've got to admit sometimes you guys sound like you're completely tanked.


Stop Laughing at Each Other

Why must you constantly laugh at each other or at your stories?

Look at Bob Hope, Bob Newhart, Jack Benny, or any good comedian. When they tell a story and the audience is in an uproar, are they laughing? Never.


Thank God For the Web Site

I was pleased to discover you had a web site. This way I can access the information you have without having to endure the insipid and self-indulgent radio show.


We are Laughing at You -- NOT With You!

Your jokes are that of a 12-year-old. Please consult a professional before airing your [fecal adjective] jokes. When people laugh, they are laughing AT you -- NOT with you!


Your Book Was a Waste of Good Paper!

Your book (inhaled vigorously)! It was a waste of good paper. Ray spouting off about global warming, and Tom talking about haircuts. Stick with cars. The only hair you have to trim is your beard. Forget trimming your awful rug.


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