What do you think of pet seat-belt systems?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Nov 01, 2000

Dear Tom and Ray:

I don't remember anyone writing to you with the problem of a dog or cat bouncing off the dashboard due to a sudden stop. I recently saw an ad for a pet seat-belt system and ordered it. My mutt doesn't seem to mind the seat belt, and we all feel safer. -- Wes

TOM: Yeah. Our producer, Doug Berman, got one of those for his dog, Zuzu. But he eventually threw it away. He said the dog never figured out how to buckle herself in.

RAY: Actually, Wes, our first priority is still to get more people to wear seat belts. But if all of the people in your car are already buckled up and you hold your pet in similarly high regard, this certainly seems like a good idea -- not only for the pet's safety, but for yours, too (have you ever been hit in the head by a flying Labrador retriever?).

TOM: Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine actually did a study of these devices, and it rated the "Ruff Rider Roadie" the best of the bunch. It costs about 40 bucks. You can order one at www.ruffrider.com, or by calling (888) 783-3743.

RAY: Now, I have another question. We all know that air bags have made a tremendous difference in saving human lives. Does this mean that all cars should have doggie bags, too?

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