Once you use one brand of oil in an engine do you have to stick with it?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Sep 01, 1996

Dear Tom and Ray:

I change my own oil and filter in my cars every 3,000 miles. I try to buy
the oil and filters when they're on sale to economize. I have always heard
that once you start to use an oil you should never change brands because
different oils contain different additives. Is this an old wives' tale or
what? -- Dan

TOM: Let me assure you, Dan, this is complete and utter hooey. You can mix
and match any brands of oil you like in your engine, except perhaps Filippo
Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil and A&P cod liver medium grade.

RAY: As long as it has the API (American Petroleum Institute) starburst
logo on it, and it's the correct viscosity for your car (check your owner's
manual), you can put any oil you want in there. And you're absolutely right
to buy the stuff that's on sale to save money.

TOM: You are, however, probably changing your oil more often than you need
to. We used to recommend 3,000-mile oil-change intervals. But engines and
oils have gotten so much better that we now recommend 5,000 miles between
oil and filter changes. And some people even think that's too much.

RAY: But until we decide to sell our shares of Kendall and Valvoline stock,
it would be unwise of us to stretch our recommendation any further.

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