I'd like a minivan that feels like a Lincoln Continental. Does it exist?

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Dear Car Talk | Mar 01, 1996

Dear Tom and Ray:

I am a 57 year old, six foot, 240 pound salesman driving 45,000-50,000
miles annually. I've driven a Lincoln Continental or Buick Park Avenue for
over 10 years, and love the luxury and soft, comfortable ride. Now, my new
sales lines require the space of a mini-van. I'd like your suggestions
regarding make and model, and as importantly, manufacturer and aftermarket
add-ons that will make me feel like I'm driving and riding with the comfort
of a Continental. Also, do you have any suggestions for special luxury
seats that may recline for brief naps?

TOM: Hope you're not planning to recline and nap WHILE you're driving,
Stephen. My brother used to try that...with very mixed results.

RAY: The most luxurious of the minivans is definitely the Chrysler Town
and Country LXi. That's a seriously gussied up version of the Dodge
Caravan and Plymouth Voyager.

TOM: Those are good minivans to start out with, and the Town and Country
package adds a bunch of luxury features like leather seats, alloy wheels,
and electric everything.

RAY: I'd start by renting one of those for week to see if it has the
necessary R.E.P.Q. (Rear End Pampering Quotient). If that's not luxurious
enough for you, another option is a customized minivan. Last summer, we
drove a van customized by Starcraft Industries of Goshen, Indiana.
Starcraft is a high-end van converter. They buy van "shells" from the
manafacturers, and then raise the roofs and install luxury interiors. And
they just started converting the new Chrysler minivans.

TOM: So not only can you get a a Starcraft minivan with exceptionally
comfortable seats, but you can get a built in cooler, a rear bench seat
that folds down into a bed, and even a TV and VCR. So when you're lying
down for your mid-day nap in a McDonalds parking lot, you can doze off to
The Price Is Right with a cool beverage in your hand. How's that for
living it up, Stephen!

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