We don't know WHICH problems you'll run into during this DIY hatchet job, we just know you'll run into a lot of them.

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Dear Car Talk | Nov 01, 1997

Dear Tom and Ray:

I am putting a 1968 383 big-block car engine into a 1973 Dodge pickup truck. So
far, I have run into two problems. One is the oil pan. The sump, or deep end,
was in the wrong place. The second problem was the motor mounts; they were too
small. I have managed to fix these two problems, but I'm wondering what other
problems I'm going to run into. Your help would be great. Thanks. -- Jon

TOM: Well, the problem I always run into during engine transplants is my wife's
strenuous objection to my leaving the transmission in the bathtub for three

RAY: Actually, I have no idea what specific problems you're going to run into
with this particular engine/chassis configuration, but I know you're going to
run into a lot of them.

TOM: Whenever you install an engine that's not the same exact size, model and
year as the one you're replacing, you run into all kinds of stuff that doesn't
fit. And you're off by FIVE years here, Jon.

RAY: So you can expect to find all kinds of parts that just don't fit the way
they're supposed to, like the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe. You'll
find hoses that are too long or too short, brackets that don't mount in the
right places. And basically, you're going to have to do what you did with the
oil pump and motor mounts. You're going to have to improvise.

TOM: Right. It's a hatchet job, Jon. You're just going to have to use whatever
tools and parts you have at your disposal to make things fit. (Hint: you might
want to confiscate your kid's Erector Set for the remainder of this project.)

RAY: The good news is, in the end, it'll probably work. And when you're all
done, you'll not only have a newer engine in your truck, but you'll have your
equivalency degree from the Rube Goldberg Engine Rebuilding Academy!

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