I am the original owner of a Yugo The car...

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Nov 01, 1994

Dear Tom and Ray:

I am the original owner of a 1987 Yugo. The car has 58,600 miles on it. It seems that ever since the first six months of ownership, I've been nickel and dimed to death by this thing. Now, my mechanic tells me it will take roughly $800 to get it running properly and get it to pass inspection. I also have the chance to buy a 1988 Yugo with about the same mileage for $1,200. What would be my best option in this case?


TOM: Your best option is intensive therapy, Harry.

RAY: Yeah. Haven't you learned anything? Here you've owned one of the worst cars ever to tread on US soil, and yet you're considering buying another one! Get a clue, Harry.

TOM: If I were you, I'd break the curse of the Yugo, and get into something else; almost anything else. But I'm not you. And maybe I don't understand why the Yugo has so much appeal for you. Maybe there's something you like about being different....about swimming against the tide...about being a complete and unmitigated cheapskate.

RAY: But if you're determined to drive a Yugo, I would definitely trade up to the 1988. In '88 they added a rear window defroster. At least that will keep your hands warm in the winter when you push it.

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