I am the original owner of a black Jeep Comanche...

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Nov 01, 1994

Dear Tom and Ray:

I am the original owner of a 1988 black Jeep Comanche pick up truck. This truck has a paint problem. I have called Jeep and they told me to take the vehicle to a Jeep dealer to see if it qualifies for repainting. The area representative checked it out and authorized repainting at 50% reimbursement. But the dealer will only paint the cab at a cost of $1,400, less Jeep's 50%. I'll have to pay $700 just to get the cab painted. Does this sound right to you? I think this deal stinks.

TOM: It does sound high, Robert. Especially if you consider that places like Maac-over will paint the whole truck for $399....including the windows, the upholstery, and the tires!

RAY: Here's what I'd do. I'd take the truck to another Jeep dealership, and just tell them you want to get the cab repainted. Don't mention anything about a 50% reimbursement or a warranty claim. Let them assume you're paying cash.

TOM: Then, when they give you a more reasonable price (it should be closer to $1,000, even if it needs to be completely stripped and re-decaled), tell them "Fine. And by the way, Jeep has agreed to pay for half of it. I'll be in on Monday."

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