Apple employee look for Tom and Ray's approval for buying a new VW Beetle.

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jun 01, 1998

Dear Tom and Ray:

I am looking for a new commuter car that is both reliable and gets great
gas mileage. I work at Apple Computer, so while I'm busy saving an American
icon, I don't want to have to worry about how I'm getting to the office
every day! I've been attracted by the mileage of the Volkswagens with their
TDI diesel engines, but I'm wondering why they aren't more popular. They
get much better gas mileage, don't they?

I won't buy a car until I hear from you. If you don't respond, I won't be
able to go to work, I won't be able to continue my crusade to save Apple,
and if Apple goes under, you'll have to consider yourselves partially
responsible. No pressure, though! -- Doug

RAY: Geez, Doug. Sometimes the answer to a question practically leaps off
the page at you. And it is absolutely clear to me that an individualist
like you needs a new Volkswagen Beetle. Plus, it'll soon be available with
that "Turbo Direct Ignition" diesel engine you're enamored with.

TOM: The new Beetle is a wonderfully cute, reliable commuter car that
people are going absolutely gaga over. Everybody seems to love it; old
folks, middle-aged folks, and, especially, young women. And given your
obsession with computers, I suspect your social life can use such a boost!

RAY: And you're right, diesels do get better gas mileage than gasoline
engines. They're also noisier, dirtier, slower and hard to start in cold
weather. But they do have their devotees. And since you work at Apple
Computer and are used to embracing seemingly superior technology that the
rest of the world refuses to notice, there couldn't be a better engine for
you than this! Enjoy the Beetle, Doug.

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