I am interested in buying a GMC or Chevy Suburban...

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Dear Car Talk | Dec 01, 1994

Dear Tom and Ray:

I am interested in buying a GMC or Chevy Suburban. What do you think? Because of two sons, all their friends, and two dogs, I need a vehicle this size. Because of our activities--winter skiing 90 miles away and seasonal camping 85 miles away--we need the four wheel drive. Everything I have read about these vehicles says they are gas hogs and have poor reliability. But all of the owners I have spoken to love their Suburbans and are repeat buyers. What do you think?

TOM: I think you should get one, Mary. The truth is, there's nothing like a Suburban. And if you need a gigantic, covered-wagon that goes in the mud and snow, there really isn't any other choice.

RAY: Sure, they are gas hogs, and they're no more reliable than any other General Motors car, but there's nothing that gives you as much interior room and four-wheel-drive. And if you need the room, you'll learn to overlook those minor drawbacks, just like the other Suburban owners you spoke to have.

TOM: I would caution you that Suburbans are a real pain to maneuver in city (or even suburban) traffic, and a nightmare to park. I've mashed more than one Toyota trying to parallel park one of these babies. But if you live in a semi-rural or rural area, and you've got plenty of room, you'll do fine.

RAY: That's true. Suburbans are really almost too big for suburbia. They should consider renaming it the Chevy Rural.

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