How often should I service my car after it reaches 65,000 miles?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Mar 01, 1990

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1987 Ford Escort GT with 65,000 miles. Since the owners manual doesn't go above 60,000 miles on the maintenance chart, how do I know what kind of maintenance is required after 60,000?

TOM: Watson, come quickly, I need you! I've solved one of the great automotive mysteries of all time! We've always wondered why it is that whenever you buy a used car, there's never an owners manual in it. We thought people just misplaced them when they needed to make room in the glove compartment for more Wayne Newton tapes. But you've given us the answer! People throw them out when the maintenance schedule ends at 60,000 miles.

RAY: But you really shouldn't throw out your owners manual. If you look at the maintenance schedule carefully, Michael, you'll discover that there are patterns. Certain things need to be done every 7,500 miles. Minor tune-ups come due every 15,000. Major tune-ups are required every 30,000 miles.

TOM: So the answer to your question is that you should start all over again at 60,000. When you get to 67,500, do the maintenance required at 7,500 miles. When you get to 75,000, do a 15,000 miles service. You follow?

RAY: If the math is too hard for you, we suggest you try to find an unscrupulous used car dealer who will "reset" your odometer back to zero for you.

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