How do I remove cement from my hood?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Dec 01, 1989

Dear Tom and Ray:

My husband drove our Cadillac somewhere where they were doing construction work and got the hood of the car splashed with what we think is cement. It has now dried and we have used everything but paint remover to clean it off. Outside of having the car repainted, can you suggest something that will remove this?

TOM: Usually, questions about Cadillacs and cement go the Organized Crime columnist here at the paper. But since she's on vacation this week, we'll take a shot at it (oops...bad choice of words).

RAY: Unfortunately, it may be impossible to get the cement off without taking the paint off too. But try have nothing to lose. Go to an autoparts store and buy one of those scrapers used for removing inspection stickers. Get one that uses plastic razor blades. The plastic blades are supposed to get the stickers off without damaging the tinting that's on the inside of some windshields. If that doesn't work, try a metal blade. If you can keep the paint damage to a minimum, you can probably cover it with some touch-up paint.

TOM: The other option would be to get some more cement and finish off the whole hood. Maybe you can get hired as the pace car in the American Society of Cement Mixers parade.

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