Fixing a falling head/roof liner.

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Dear Car Talk | Dec 01, 1993

Dear Tom and Ray:

How do I deal with a falling head liner in a 1986 Chrysler, other than wear a ten gallon hat to keep it out of my eyes when I'm driving? I've asked around at various parts stores, and all they have is some spray adhesive which is temporary at best. What do you suggest I do?

TOM: Well, Jay, there are a couple of quick, cheap fixes you can try.

RAY: Right. For instance, you can try using that spray contact cement between the headliner and its support bars in the ceiling. Then you can wear your ten gallon hat to press them together until they dry.

TOM: Or you can try the Volvo method. They've been known to prop up old headliners using two by fours.

RAY: But if you really want to fix it permanently, you have to get a new headliner. The headliner is not just that piece of fabric that's falling down into your eyes, Jay. It's also the structure that the fabric is attached to. That whole contraption comes as one piece and fits into the roof cavity. And on some cars, you even have to remove the front or back window to install it.

TOM: So if the spray adhesive doesn't work, get a new headliner...or a new used one from a junk yard. Good luck, Jay.

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