Highway to Hell Road Trip Stories

The (Not So) Great Porta-Potty Incident

Submitted by Mary Toscani

This is a story from my childhood. As usual our family vacation was a car trip from Dayton, Ohio to Philadelphia. My father was from a large family, all of who still lived in Philly. There were 9 of us kids plus 2 adults, all of us would pack into the 1964 Chevy Station Wagon and drive 13 hours every summer.

My father always liked to make good time. Who wouldn't with nine kids in the car, bored out of their minds? So, he liked to make as few as stops as possible. We would always pack a lunch to save time. On one particular trip, my father decided to bring along the plastic pot from our potty chair so that we five girls could use it instead of stopping "upteen" times.

Well, the potty was getting full. We told our father and so he, in his infinite wisdom, told us to pass it up to him. Of course, he was driving, and he didn't want to stop so he rolled down the window. By the way, did I tell you we were on the Pennsylvania Turnpike going 70?

He proceeded to roll down the window and when he reached out to dispose of the accumulated urine, he turned it the wrong way and it came back and hit him in his face!

My father was a hot-blooded Italian, so of course it was all our fault. So, as it turned out, we had to stop anyway, so he could clean up.

Needless to say, we never took that potty bowl again.