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Staff Blog | Jul 31, 2013

The first question nearly everyone asks me after realizing I work for Car Talk is... “are the guys really that funny?”

Yes. They are funnier than you could ever imagine.

Hey Fenollosa, need any dental work done?
Hey Fenollosa, need any dental work done?

There are times when I’m afraid to sip my morning coffee because I know I’m going to have to spit it out. They’ve “lovingly” ditched me with the dinner bill, plastic wrapped the women’s toilet seats, and stolen my office chair for a friendly game of poker far too often. They see the world through kids’ eyes. They are so hilarious because they haven’t grown up and bought into being all serious about life. But they do make exceptions.

Tom practices his ability to bore kids to sleep on baby Henry.
Tom practices his ability to bore kids to sleep on baby Henry.

When my son Henry was born with cancer, one of our first visitors at the hospital was Tom. (Granted he did try to pass himself off as Henry’s father with the hospital staff!) Throughout Henry’s chemotherapy treatments, Tom and Ray were there to support us.

Now that Henry is a thriving eight-year old, Tom and Ray are still lending their support. And we hope you will too.

On August 3rd & 4th, my husband Josh Fenollosa and my Car Talk colleague David  “the Calves of Belleville” Greene will ride in the Pan Mass Challenge, a 200-mile bike ride across our fair state to raise money for cancer research and treatment. Every single dollar raised goes to the fight against all cancers.

We hope you’ll join all of us at Car Talk in making a donation to Josh or David’s ride. Your tax deductible donation makes sure that more kids like Henry grow up to laugh and see life like his crazy “uncles”.

To contribute to Josh’s PMC ride, click here.
To contribute to David’s PMC ride, click here.

Thank you for your time, consideration and support.

Catherine “Frau Blücher” Fenollosa

Ps: You can find out more about Henry, right here and read more from Catherine about what the Pan Mass Challenge means to her family, right here.

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