Help! I'm 30 and can't drive!

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jul 01, 1991

Dear Tom and Ray:

HELP! I've reached the age of almost 30 without having learned to drive. Is it best to learn on a stick or automatic? I've heard that you can drive almost anything after learning on a stick. But having gone so long without learning to drive, perhaps I'd be better off starting with an automatic.

RAY: No question about it, Lynda, the automatic is what you want. Don't worry about shifting yet, just learning to drive at your advanced age is going to be enough of a challenge.

TOM: When you're sixteen, learning to drive is easy. You're blessed with that youthful sense of immortality (I think stupidity is what we call it in hindsight). The fact that you could die very easily just doesn't occur to you when you're sixteen.

RAY: But with all the natural caution you acquire by the age of 30, driving for the first time can be quite intimidating. So you should make it as easy on yourself as possible. Start with an automatic, so the car will do the shifting, and you can concentrate on mastering the other basic skills of the road.

TOM: And once you've learned how to cut people off, drive up onto the sidewalk to get a parking space, and weave in and out of traffic on a crowded highway, then you can graduate to the stick shift. Good luck, Lynda.

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