Help Donna Get A Date

We're not known for matchmaking. In fact, we can barely keep the peace between our callers and their cars.

But, we recently received this letter from one of our six fans, Donna from Lexington, Massachusetts.

We figured... who are we to say no? By our math, there are five other listeners out there. A few of them must be guys - and one of them might be looking.

If that describes you, take a look at the details on our new pal, Donna. And drop us a note. We'll send it along to her. Besides, you never know - we might just see you at our 20th Anniversary Party, here in Our Fair City!

Tom and Ray
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

P.S. Clearly, Donna makes some poor choices in life. After all, she willingly admits to listening to our lousy show - every single week. Here's hoping she has better skills at picking out the guy she wants for the rest of the week.