Happy Birthday Tommy!

Staff Blog

Staff Blog | Jun 30, 2011

Tom's birthday comes but once a year and we couldn't miss it. We're deeply concerned about honoring our wise hosts... okay, who are we kidding? We're looking for a chance to procrastinate and have an iced cappuccino with the old man.

How did we celebrate Tom this year? Well....

Tired of having to tow Tommy to work in the breakdown lane, the staff tries to kill him off with a box of cheap cigars and a stick of butter, conveniently disguised as cheesecake.

Tom did get a few gifts--including The Book of Murray: the Life, Teachings, and Kvetching of the Lost Prophet, from a listener. (We're still waiting for Behind the Grease: The Life Story of an Ornery Philosopher King-Mechanic.)

We made the mistake of asking, "While you're here, do you think we could get you to do some actual work?"

Suspecting more trickery from the staff, Tom refused to blow out the candle. Of course, what's one more conflagration for a guy who's been putting them out weekly in his engine compartment?

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