Is it better to park in a flat space instead of a slanted one?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jan 01, 1999

Dear Tom and Ray:

A guy that I have been working with over the past two decades and I have a
running argument about regularly parking on a slant. At two different companies
where we've both worked, the parking lots are multilevel, and there is head-on
parking on the sides of the ramps that go from level to level. I maintain that
it's better to park in a level space than in a slanted space (with the left side
of the car higher than the right, for instance). I say that the slant will
stress the car's suspension system, and it may also cause problems with fluids
like oil and their related gaskets. Bill (who, by the way, works for me now!)
maintains that it makes no difference. He parks in the first space he can find,
whether it's on a slant or not. Who is right? -- Powell

RAY: Unfortunately, Bill is. There are only two problems I can think of with
parking on a slant. If you park with the driver's side up the hill, gravity
forces the door to close on your leg when you try to get out.

TOM: And if you park with the driver's door facing downhill, your door tends to
fly open into the boss' Lexus.

RAY: It really makes almost no difference to the car. The suspension is far more
stressed from the raw weight of the car than from a slight incline.

TOM: But if you're really worried about it, here's what you should do. Since
you're Bill's boss, whenever you park on a slant, order him to go out and turn
your car around during lunch!

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