What should I do about the bullet holes in my Caddy?

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Dear Car Talk | May 01, 2000

Dear Tom and Ray:

Gentlemen (if I may use the term), I have a 1963 Cadillac DeVille convertible that I won from a local radio station awhile ago. I'm in the process of redoing it. My
problem is this: The car originally came from the Flatbush section of New York. It was registered to an Italian lady (name withheld to protect the guilty and ME), and
there are some bullet holes in the body of the car! Should I weld them up and paint over them, or should I leave them showing for posterity? -- Ray

TOM: Oh, you gotta leave them, Ray. For two reasons. One is that this car has historic value. You should do some research and see if you can find out anything more
about the "incident." Maybe there's a newspaper story or a photo that will tell you more about what happened.

RAY: Then you can say, "This is the car in which Bugsy Baggiagalupe got shot after robbing Joey Baggadonuts' pastry shop on Flatbush Avenue in '65."

TOM: But even if you can't find out the precise history of the car, the bullet holes will ensure that NOBODY is ever going to tow your car. I mean, would you risk it?
RAY: In fact, I'm going to go see about having some fake bullet holes installed in my car later today.

TOM: I wouldn't. It just doesn't inspire the same fear when the bullet holes are in an '87 Dodge Colt Vista. People will just assume you got caught in the cross fire after
delivering a pizza.

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