The First Car Talk Poetry Reading

The Honda from Hell

The story which we have here
That we're about to tell
Is about a little Honda,
The "Honda from Hell"

It all started last year when
The 1988 failed to start.
So we took it to a dealer
Prepared for a shock.

Well, they looked it over
One end to the next,
But could find no problem,
Which left us perplexed.

The symptoms, they were random,
Striking whenever they pleased.
The engine raced up and down
Without so much as a sneeze.

When we shut off the engine
It would flood one injector.
So we took off the wire
To start it with vigor.

We had no indication
From the ECU on board,
And it puzzled the mechanics,
The best three we could afford.

Now here in Colorado
We sit without going.
As we await your exorcism
Of the demon not so boring.

We know he must live
In the bowels of this car.
'Cause we replaced everything
We could think of so far.

Oh, Masters of All Autos,
We beg your assistance,
In solving this problem
Of hell's belligerence.

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