F.I.D.O.: Freeway Information for Dog Owners

If you own a car and have a dog in your immediate family, you know that almost anything can happen when the two meet. Your seatbelts get chewed. Your fresh air vents get filled with -- how can we put this politely -- canine eructation. Gravity-influenced stains suddenly appear on your new alloy wheel rims.

But, there is good news: Traveling with your dog doesn't have to be an epic. Solutions exist to almost every canine-automotive conundrum.

Thanks to actual vet expert Dr. Beth Streeter at the Tufts Veterinary School of Veterinary Medicine, we've got answers. Here's hoping we reached you, your dog and your car in time!

Yours in canine travel bliss,

Tom and Ray

P.S. Once you're done perusing our FIDO area, be sure to print out our FIDO tips and toss a copy into each of your cars.

*Also suitable for owners of cats, rats, and companions of all sorts.