The Fiat's New Home

Hey, Joe, Where You Going with That Fiat in Your Hands?

When Tommy's wife recently issued an ultimatum ordering him to sell the Fiat or start sleeping in it, Tommy calmly agreed. But what kind of moron would ever buy it?

That would be Joe. Our pal from

And so, this past week, Joe and Gabi, his faithful sidekick at, arrived in Boston...along with youthful enthusiasm and a cashier's check for $2,000. Their mission? To drive the Fiat back to Chicago. We said drive, not push.

The betting began immediately. Ray had $20 that Joe wouldn't make it to the Massachusetts line. Dougie Berman saw his 20 and raised him 20 that Albany, New York, would be Joe's final stopping point. Tommy, eager to rid himself of the heap, vigorously assured Joe that he would have no problem making it all the way to Chicago.

And so, Friday morning, Joe and Gabi pushed off. And Saturday morning, despite Tom's insistence, a certain caller from a certain Fiat got through the screeners at Car Talk Plaza, and found himself on the air with Tom and Ray. Joe, it turned out, claimed to be just outside Cleveland, Ohio, and the Fiat, he said...was making a few new noises.

None of us believed that Joe and Gabi had actually *driven* the Fiat from Our Fair City to Cleveland, Ohio, so we asked Joe to send us some evidence. So, with his digital camera, laptop computer and cell phone, Joe filed the his report....

The Report: On the Road with Joe, Gabi and the Fiat
The Call: Joe calls in to Car Talk...and Tom breathes a sigh of relief when he learns the Fiat made it out of the state
The Sucker Sale: See how Tommy managed to sell the Fiat to a sucker