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Staff Blog

Staff Blog | Feb 27, 2012

...actually doing some work around here! Ray and his equally shiftless brother have made an art of avoiding work of all kinds. So we were shocked when an anonymous source slipped us these photos of Ray picking up a wrench and getting his hands dirty.

We're pretty sure they weren't photoshopped either - that would be too much work for our lackeys! They're almost as lazy as their fearless leaders.

For those of you who actually wonder about such things, Ray does indeed still work at the garage-- though he is easily distracted by the scent of freshly brewed cappuccino. Having developed a reputation at being not-half bad at diagnosing complicated electrical problems, he says he pines longingly for the days of a simple alternator replacement.

Behold the shocking images below:

Wait until you see his bad side!
Wait until you see his bad side!


"Maybe if I connect the thingy to the whatzit..."
"Maybe if I connect the thingy to the whatzit..."

P.S. To our readers who haven't seen enough, you're sick! Get help immediately! you can check out more shocking images of Ray at work right here.

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