Evil King Berman and the Three Boxes

Ray Explains How to Whip the King at His Own Game and Come Home with the Fair Maiden Rowena

First, the facts. We know--because Ray told us so--that the boxes are arranged with the following inscriptions:

We also know that one statement--and only one statement--is true. Why do we know this? Because Ray told us that.

So...where is the photo of the Fair Maiden Rowena?

Let's try...

CASE 1: The Fair Maiden Rowena's picture is in the gold box.

So that's wrong, because Ray told us that only one of the inscriptions is correct, and two are correct in this case. Please accept our condolences if you thought you had just scored a date with the fair babe Rowena.

Let's try...

CASE 2: The Fair Maiden Rowena's picture is in the lead box.

Wrong...because, once again, there are two true inscriptions.

Okay...let's try

CASE 3: The Fair Maiden Rowena's picture is in the silver box.

Did you get it right? Congratulations...but we have some good news and some bad news.

Good news: There is indeed a Fair Maiden Rowena.

Bad news: She's been dead about 800 years.

But thanks for playing!

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