"Easy" Parking for Women?

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Staff Blog | Jul 16, 2012

A German mayor recently took the old stereotype that men are better drivers than women to a whole new level -- the legislative level! He's created "easy" parking spaces reserved just for women of his city. These newly designated men's and women's spaces are labeled to make parking all the more straightforward in this new era.

The move has raised some controversy, but we think this visionary mayor did not go far enough! So we took to the streets of Our Fair City to find solutions for more everyday situations that women may find challenging.

How do I do this again?
Thank god I found this easy-to-use women's only ATM!
What am I supposed to do with these?
So that's what they do!
Why won't it take my money??
How are we supposed to get inside?!
So THAT's how you do it!
It's not working!
Purple ice cream is easier for women to manage. Especially with proper signage.
This is hard!
Perfect!Thanks to Mayor Gallus Strobel. We couldn't have done it without you!

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