Dreaming of...Car Talk?


Love Bug Lip Lock

Dear Click and Clack,

I was riding my bike on the sidewalk, listening to the "Car Guys" on my head phones. As I rode along I noticed a white VW bug parked in the street. There were two guys in the front seat talking. As I passed them, I realized that the radio broadcast I was listening to was coming from this car. To my astonishment it was apparent that the guys in the car were the Car Guys

I wheeled my bicycle around and approached the bug. As I did this the two occupants (Tom and Ray) attempted the oldest ploy in the book. To avoid my imminent discovery of their broadcast location, they embraced in full lipolli connection. Not to be denied, I leapt up on the hood of the car and exposed the truth of their embrace. It was not as appeared; their lips were not touching! Ahhh Haaa! I exclaimed! "It is you, Click and Clack!"


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Dear JPL,

In your dream, you're not in a car at all, but on a bicycle, a humble, earth-friendly, healthy, populist mode of transport. The Volkswagen you spot amplifies this sense (after all, it translates as the "The People's Car.") Your dream seems to be suggesting we're going to have an encounter with a more ground-level, homely truth. But what truth? You stumble upon the boys in flagrante delipto. Your dream depicts Tom and Ray as brothers who are this close. Okay, it turns out they're only faking necking at curbside (though if this is "the oldest ploy in the book," I have to wonder what book you're reading....)

I'm going to take a wild flying Freudian leap here. Could this dream possibly have to do with some latent anxiety about your own sexual orientation? (Bi-cycle...bi-sexual?). If so, not to worry; the pure conviviality of the last scene says, essentially, "Whatever. Relax, man. Everything's cool."



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