Dreaming of...Car Talk?


Richard's Ford Fairlane...Exposed

Dear Tom and Ray,

Last night I dreamed that I was looking at the exposed front end of a 1960's Ford Fairlane 500. I could see the chaise, radiator, and the lower engine block. I recall twisting a loose silver colored hex bolt on the driver's side of the frame, that I took to be a motormount bolt or a part of that assembly. Of course, I have never seen a motormount in my 54 years on earth. To my dismay, the bolt turned freely and I discovered that I could freely pull it out of the chaise. I recall feeling apprehensive that something negative might happen in the near future.

Richard "Loose Nut" W.

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Dear Richard,

One of the first words you use in your dream account is "exposed." So here we have a hint that something is going to be revealed that isn't necessarily apparent at the "front end." Well, we often put on something of a false front, which Jung called "the persona"---but dreams show us what's behind it---like good mechanics, they take a nice long peek under the hood.

So, let's take a look at the inside of your psyche. First, there's a fear of something coming loose; you're worried the motor might separate from the car entirely. The motor would be running, but the car wouldn't be going anywhere. Do you talk a good game, but wonder if you're actually getting anywhere? But the bolt, you say, "turned freely"--in fact, you use the word freely twice in one sentence. Maybe your dream is saying you need to shake things up a little, "twist loose," even if you fear, as we so often do, something negative might happen. You might be pleasantly surprised at what happens next.



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